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Inside Pollster Frank Luntz's Politics-Obsessed Brentwood Pad

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Political pollster/strategist Frank Luntz (the guy who brought you the idea of a "government takeover" of healthcare) loves to collect shit so much that his homes have themes--the one in Virginia is for music and film memorabilia, the one in New York is for sports, and this one in Brentwood is for politics. It's in fact pretty much exclusively for politics; he uses it to host fundraisers and "political get-togethers," according to Los Angeles magazine, and only bought it in the first place (in 2009) because financier Michael Milken said he'd host his Global Conference's opening reception there (and he did, in 2011). Luntz says he doesn't know the square-footage, but it is apparently enormous, with "gallery-size rooms decorated with museum-quality collectibles," a terrace with outdoor fireplace, a basketball court, and a pool with "Bellagio-style fountains." Rub the Winston Churchill statue in the library to open a bookcase door to the "secret playground" with "a virtual golf game that plays the world's best courses, a movie theater that morphs into a bowling alley, and a wall-length 'newsstand' of magazines that span 20th-century history." Plus also of course Ulysses S. Grant's billiard table.

· All the Presidents' Man [Los Angeles]