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Highland Park Transit Village Moving Ahead With Mixed Reviews

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The Planning Commission gave the Highland Park Transit Village (in LA's greatest neighborhood) the thumbs up this morning, and dismissed three appeals of the project. The development is a public-private partnership that would bring 80 residential units plus public parking to three sites on Marmion Way between Avenues 56 and 59, right near the Gold Line station. Twenty of those units would be sold as condos and the rest would be affordable housing (less one manager's unit). Plans are to build the apartment buildings first and the condos as a second phase. The land is currently owned by the LA Department of Transportation and is home to a couple of surface parking lots. The local Historic Preservation Overlay Zone board approved the project earlier this year, and at today's meeting the developer's request for conditional use permits to build taller and more densely, with smaller setbacks, were all agreed to. From past reports, the project hasn't seemed terribly popular in the neighborhood (too big, too ugly, too few parking spaces), but a planning department staffer told us that attendees at the meeting were split down the middle in their support of the project.
· Department of City Planning Recommendation Report (pdf)
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