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Sunset Tower Hotel Owner Buys Nudie Drug Den/Rehab

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What does the swanky Art Deco gem Sunset Tower hotel have in common with "a clothing-optional gay motel ... that has become known as a haven for drug users"? The same proud owner. WEHOville reports that hotelier Jeff Klein has just purchased the 26-room San Vicente Inn, the only clothing-optional hotel in West Hollywood. He's apparently rehabbed the place already and, speaking of which, a drug and alcohol rehab facility called Klean has occupied the western half of the property since 2010. (Is someone writing this down? This is the makings of an ace reality show here.) We haven't been able to track down Klein or a rep for comment yet, so we're just left to wonder: is he planning on bringing the swank to San Vicente, or the naked drug den vibe up to Sunset?
Update 7pm: A WeHo News story has much more on the sale. Bottom line: It's staying clothing optional, but not drug optional; they have a zero tolerance policy now. And Klean is staying.
· Sunset Tower Owner Buys WeHo's Tarnished San Vicente Inn [WEHOVille]