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New Metro Rail Map is Very Real and Pretty Spectacular

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There's no shortage of fantasy maps of the LA transit system, but Metro's new "under-construction" map (click link for zooming options), despite looking like one of those train-nerd designs, is very real. "It's pretty impressive," writes The Source's Steve Hymon, given that prior to July 1990 -- when the Blue Line opened -- there was no Metro Rail." The new map includes Expo Line Phase II, the Gold Line Foothill Extension--both in hardcore construction right now and set to open in a few years--but also the Purple Line subway Extension, the Regional Connector light rail, and the Crenshaw Line light rail. Though those last three are in pre-construction, only the Crenshaw Line yet has a contractor assigned to build it, though the Purple Line and the Regional Connector should get builders within the year or by early next. No doubt the map looks good, but it's clear LA needs more north-south lines (Metro has many long-term plans, including for something along the 405).
· New Under Construction Map for Metro Rail Debuts [The Source]