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Petty Talent Agency Plastering Rival-Baiting Ads All Over Town

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The world's two biggest asshole fiefdoms (top agencies WME and CAA) are taking their war against each other public and, predictably, the biggest casualty is normal adult behavior. "[A] clutch of WME heavyweights including co-CEOs Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell," have come up with a fake ad campaign for CAA with posters and a website that changes CAA's "red-and-white logo into the word 'Caan't'," reports Variety. And they didn't even make that nonsense up! They stole it from a blind item in Page Six. (Everyone's imagining Zachary Quinto yelling "Khan" right now, right?) WME then went and put up "a smattering of posters and at least one display ad around Hollywood and Century City ... At least one poster was placed inside a column-shaped outdoor kiosk at the Westfield Century City mall, just down the street from CAA's headquarters on Avenue of the Stars." One photo also shows a rash of the ads on La Brea near Melrose.

Considering WME and CAA only need to "advertise" to maybe a few hundred of the very top people in the entertainment industry, was it really necessary to shove this in all of Los Angeles's face? Oh, turns out it's cute: "WME insiders thought the prank would be read by industryites as funny and ? it was seen as a throwback to the scrappy entrepreneurial mindset that drove Emanuel's Endeavor agency to become successful enough to swallow up the larger WMA in 2009."

Meanwhile, the more buttoned-down CAA's requested the ad at the mall be taken down, and WME's allowing it, but "industry insiders said there was no doubt that 'round two' would be coming out of CAA's polished steel edifice in some form." This could get edgier!
· WME's CAA Bash Stuns Bizzers, Underscores Competitive Fervor [Variety]