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All the Changes Jennifer Aniston is Making to Her Bel Air House

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Jennifer Aniston bought her massive and lovely Bel Air property (designed by the very great A. Quincy Jones) way back at the beginning of 2012, and has been renovating it for ages now. (Word back about a year ago was that she was shacked up in a crazy Hal Levitt design in Trousdale Estates.) Radar came through yesterday with a minor ConstructionWatch: "renovations are complete" and Aniston has "upgraded" a backyard chicken coop and added a wooden deck; she's also added an herb and vegetable garden, according to X17. Are we sure this isn't in Silver Lake?? What else is Aniston doing to the house? We combed the permit records:

-- A bedroom addition
-- A master bedroom addition and remodel
-- A carport addition
-- A kitchen and bathroom remodel (but no structural changes)
-- A stairway relocation
-- Adding one-story "new accessory living quarters"
-- A remodel of the pool/spa
-- A poolhouse remodel
-- A "new (10 SF) counter bar, library and powder room"

Mostly the work seems to be non-noticeable practical stuff like installing sprinklers or pond pumps, replacing drywall, and adding retaining walls. Aniston's historically been a pretty good architectural steward.