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Retail-less Echo Park Development Doesn't Quite Wow Locals

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Canadian developer Aragon Properties met with Echo Park residents last night to discuss their proposed plans for the current Reliable Do It Center hardware store at Sunset and Everett, Eastsider LA reports. Aragon wants to build a 107,100-square-foot building with 201 units (condos or apartments) on the store site and have a deposit down to buy the property. Parking obviously was a bone of contention, with Christine Peters of the Planning and Land Use Committee of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood saying the planned 221 spots were inadequate. "You're harming your tenants, and you're harming your community," added dramatic board member Gustavo Moreno. There was also blowback over Aragon's decision not to include retail in the project, with the developer saying it wouldn't pencil out. Peters said the bus system sucks on Sunset (Way harsh, Tai) and there are no walkable amenities nearby. "You're adding 400 cars, but you're not adding pedestrian amenities and you're expecting people to walk," she said. Committee members also reminded Aragon that local zoning allows them build a taller building, with more money-making units, if they include retail uses.
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