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First Time on the Market for Crestwood Hills Cofounder's Home

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Erected in 1950, this post and beam was the very first home built by the architectural dream team of Archibald Quincy Jones, Whitney Smith, and Edgardo Contini in the celebrated Crestwood Hills Mutual Housing Association development. The house was built for Ray Siegel, one of the four musicians who cofounded the utopian community following their discharge from the military after World War II, and per the listing, it has stayed in the same family ever since. (Judging by the photos, however, the 1,548-square-foot residence has not stayed in original condition.) Sited on a 9,931-square-foot lot, it features three bedrooms, one and three-quarters baths, tongue-and-groove ceilings, clerestory windows, sliding glass walls, and "sweeping city and ocean views." Asking price for the Mills Act tax-break-eligible property is $1.4 million.
· A. Quincy Jones, Architect :: Siegel House, 1950 [Deasy/Penner]