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Inside the Old Disney Estate in Holmby Hills, Asking $90 Million

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[All but last via Forbes]

Walt Disney's old Holmby Hills property--former site of his "dream home" and one-eighth scale Carolwood Pacific Railroad and current home to a 2001 megamansion--has been on and off the market for the past few years with some price variations, but so far we've never gotten a good look at it. Now Forbes has a tour showing off a dining room, a bathroom, the wine cellar, and more; they also report the current asking price as $90 million (which is right around where it's been hovering for a while). The property is owned by Gabriel Brener, co-owner of the Houston Dynamo soccer team, who paid the Disney estate $8.45 million in 1998. He razed everything, put up a 35,000-square-foot mansion, and annexed the neighboring property--the whole thing now sits on four acres and includes eight bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a two-story foyer, staff quarters, a theater, three bars, a library, a gym, a wine cellar, TWO safe rooms, a pool and poolhouse, a tennis court, and a putting green.

It's also still home to a "90-foot underground tunnel" that was once part of the Carolwood Pacific Railroad; "Its entrance is marked by an ivy-covered miniature stone archway with the date '1950' — the year the railroad began operating — etched on it."

British tabloid fixture Tamara Ecclestone was reportedly showing interest in the estate back in March, but it doesn't sound like there have been any bites. The brokers at The Agency "say the property could appeal to both domestic and international buyers, most notably wealthy Russians, Saudis and Brits."
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