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Giant Pink Dog With Sneakers Snatched From WeHo Median

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Well that didn't take long: one of the six dog sculptures hanging out on the Santa Monica Boulevard median in West Hollywood has been dognapped. According to WeHoVille, the installation was put up just before the LA Pride festival this past weekend and turned up missing some time before Monday morning. The pup is part of "pink cloned bulldogs with water bottle" by sculptor of animals William Sweetlove. As you might have guessed, it's pink with a water bottle strapped to its back (and also tennis shoes on its paws!). The West Hollywood Sheriff's Department says there will be no trouble and no questions asked if the sculpture is returned, but "if we find them, it'll be a different story." Sweetlove is offering a frog sculpture as reward, but really, has anyone who ever wanted a puppy been happy with a frog instead?
· Who Let the Dog Out? Pink Pooch Sculpture Goes Missing [WeHoVille]