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Here Are Photos of Everything Lost at Coachella This Year

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You're in the desert, there's dubstep blasting at literally all times, water costs a million dollars, and oh damn, is that Kristen Cavalleri? Yeah, you're gonna lose some stuff at Coachella. Which Way, LA reports that "Every year, the Coachella clean-up crew finds hundreds of wallets, ID cards, bags, sunglasses and other valuable handheld items strewn around Indio's iconic polo fields" and "This year saw a record number of lost belongings." But Beyoncé is not the only benevolent guardian angel known to hang around the festival--marketing manager Dani Lindstrom, aka "Psychic Friend," has made it her business to track people down (sometimes "via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram") in order to return wallets, bags, and iPhones. She called one lost backpack's owner at work "after the team located a pay stub and did some detective work."

Meanwhile, organizer Goldenvoice arrays all the lost goods on their website, which is pretty cool: "It's a kind of catalog of casualties to a weekend of hard partying; a rare chance to root around people's pockets without them knowing" (weirdly, "young men from Australia and New Zealand have an especially hard time holding onto their driver's licenses"). Goldenvoice waits three months before donating everything to charity, so you've got about five weeks left.

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