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Everyone's Cool With Silver Laker's Backyard Amphitheater

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Flat backyards are much prized in the hillier parts of LA, and are certainly the go-to arrangement if you're looking to put in a pool or play a round of croquet. But what if you want to build a Roman-style amphitheater and put on productions of Shakespeare plays? Well, then the hill's the thing. The LA Times has a nice profile of Roger Wolfson, proud proprietor of his very own Silver Lake Bowl. While he started with Shakespeare, he's branched out to music and readings at the venue he built in his backyard with some events drawing more than 150 people. If this sounds like exactly the sort of thing you aren't allowed to do in a residential neighborhood, it's actually all cool with the Department of Building and Safety, since he isn't selling anything. But he is starting to put some limits on the endeavor; he's started capping attendance at 110 people, will only hold three events each month, and is "focusing on quieter, acoustic concerts." Wolfson says only one neighbor has complained (which seems pretty remarkable) and that he's working to accommodate that person.
· Producer packs talent into his 'backyard bowl' in Silver Lake [LAT]