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Spring St. Park Looking Grassy, AmazonFresh Charging $299

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HISTORIC CORE: Good news for those who were feeling all angsty about the lack of greenery at the soon-to-open Spring Street Park. Man-about-town Nathan Masters snuck a peek at the park over the weekend and tweeted the above pic. So much luxurious grass! The park is due to make its official debut later this month. [Twitter]

PARTS OF LOS ANGELES: AmazonFresh is now making same day deliveries of groceries and assorted other items to a few LA zip codes. Is your zip code included? You'll have to pay $79 and join Amazon Prime to find out, for some reason. If you live in one of the lucky zip codes, you'll get a free 90-day Prime Fresh membership, before the $299 annual fee kicks in. And you might still have to pay delivery charges--they're only waiving the fee for orders over $35. But hey, you'll get your first $79 back! Are people really that desperate to avoid grocery stores? Trader Joe's parking lots are hellish, but are they that bad? [Curbed Staff]

Spring Street Park

426 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA