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Big Downtown Theater Plans, LA River Opens Up

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[A 1914 Craftsman in Hollywood with a chicken coop is on the market for $795k]

This Week's Top Stories: Big plans for Downtown's long underutilized theaters are finally coming to fruition, with a combined theater complex nightlife destination in the works. A portion of the LA River has opened up for recreationists, so grab your water wings, canoes, and iPhones to take selfies of you doing some hard core recreating. The Morphosis designed Hollywood campus of Emerson College is really starting to look like something. Up next the top of that square needs to be attached. Enjoy this wonderful video interlude from KCET showing LA's spectacular funicular history. Renters with an architectural-bent now have an option to grab a Neutra designed apartment in Silver Lake, as three have just popped up on Craigslist. Speaking of Silver Lake, DWP officials have announced that Silver Lake Reservoir will be drained for approximately one year starting late 2015 or early 2015. The portion of La Brea between Romaine and Fountain (the part in WeHo) is set to get some pretty nice upgrades, including street trees and medians.