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Popular Mechanics Editor's Showcase Modern in Brentwood

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Taking a cue from Arts & Architecture's celebrated Case Study Program, Popular Mechanics featured this forward-thinking residence in January 1955--the house was built for the magazine's West Coast editor, Thomas E. Stimson Jr., by architect Adrian Wilson using a then-new construction technique invented by Glendale inventor Eugene Memmler. Per the article, entitled "I Chose a Steel-Frame House," readers were extended an invitation to drop by and give Stimson's new home a looky-loo "any time up to March 1." Located in Brentwood, the 2,362-square-foot residence features four bedrooms; two and three-quarters baths; hardwood, ceramic tile, and stained concrete floors; walls of glass; a brick fireplace; several skylights; and an updated kitchen and baths. Last sold in 2009 for $1.1 million, the .33-acre property is now listed for $1.8 million.
· The Thomas E. Stimson, Jr. Residence, 1954 - Adrian Wilson, A.I.A. [Crosby Doe Associates]