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Burnt Christopher Dorner Cabin Has Become Tourist Attraction

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A stone chimney and charred rubble are about all that're left of the Big Bear-area cabin where ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner committed suicide in February (as the house burned around him), following a shooting spree and manhunt that lasted more than a week. But still it's become something of a pilgrimage site, where tourists stop by to pay respects to Dorner's victims or to Dorner, who some believe was unfairly terminated from the LAPD. The house was one of the vacation rentals at the 7 Oaks Mountain Cabins in Angelus Oaks; one nearby business owner says "That first weekend it happened, there were at least a good 100 people, maybe even 200" coming through to visit, according to KPCC. Visitors have tied ribbons and homemade crosses to the fence surrounding the site. Meanwhile, the entire 7 Oaks site is for sale.

The cabins have been on the market for about two years and are not currently open. Oddly, the land actually belongs to the US Forest Service ("The arrangement dates back to the 1920s when the federal government tried to lure more tourists to the San Bernardino National Forest. Special use permits were handed out to people who wanted to build and rent out cabins.") The owners haven't filed any applications to rebuild and they've made no damages claims with San Bernardino County.
· Cabin where ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner died near Big Bear becomes a 'must see' attraction, memorial (Photos) [SCPR]