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New Skid Row Housing Will Feature 1889 Pershing Hotel Facade

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Work started this week on the New Pershing Apartments, a five-story Killefer Flammang-designed building that will provide apartments for homeless and low-income residents on Skid Row. And if that rendering looks out of character with other KFA work we've seen lately, that's because they are preserving the Victorian facade of the old Pershing Hotel. Built in 1889, the original building had two stories of residences above ground floor shops. The new building, developed by the Skid Row Housing Trust and slated to be done in a year, will have 65 studios and four one-bedroom apartments, a landscaped courtyard, a couple commercial spaces for lease, and healthcare and counselling services for residents. The top two floors will be stepped back, and the resulting space on the third floor roof will be used for resident gardens.
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