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Spring St. Park Opening Early With Help From American Apparel

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Last month's sneak peak of the Historic Core's Spring Street Park showed it looking cementy but nearly finished. Now comes word from Downtown News that the completion date has been moved up from August to June, so that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa can preside over the opening before his term ends. There had been some trouble rounding up money to operate and maintain the park, but nonprofit Friends of the Old Bank District Gardens will operate the park and foot the bill with help from American Apparel. No contracts have been signed yet, but FOBDG president expects to ink a three-year agreement with the city, and says the clothing company has committed to giving $100,000 a year for five years. Now led by Downtown LA Neighborhood Council President Patti Berman (and including the son of prolific Downtown developer Izek Shomof), this will be the second time FOBDG has tried to come to terms with the city; the first attempt collapsed when its members couldn't agree on what to name the park.
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Spring Street Park

426 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA