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Creepy Doll Haunts Fancy Malibu Listing, Share Your Car When You Go Out of Town

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MALIBU: Here's a high-end beach house on Malibu Road, staged to perfection, nicely photographed, fancy finishes, asking $14.75 million, nothing unpolished or unusual at all, right? WRONG. A tipster pointed out the creepy doll lurking in several photographs and now that you know you can't unsee it. Sorry! [Curbed Inbox]

WESTCHESTER: Yet another way to carshare hit LAX last week--Hubber has a slightly different take on the old formula: "How it works: Hubber matches an inventory of airport parked vehicles with deplaning passengers with short or long term rental needs, renters seeking a great value can reserve a vehicle from the Hubber inventory. Each Hubber vehicle, privately owned and offered by the owner through is fully insured, fueled, and cleaned prior to renter pick-up." So instead of Lot Cing it up when you go out of town, you lend your car to a stranger and save money on parking. Wild. [Curbed Inbox]