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Cypress Park's 1931 Southern Pacific Tower Moved to Safety

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There's something heartwarmingly can-do Californian about the local penchant for moving structures (or palm trees) to safety when they get in the way. The latest example: the Dayton Avenue Signal Tower , built in 1931, was just moved 1,800 feet to make way for an affordable housing development in Cypress Park (via Eastsider LA). Built in 1931 to help control train movements at the south end of Southern Pacific's Taylor Railyard, it looks to have had a bit of a makeover since its working days. The little tower is no stranger to travel--this is its third (and hopefully final) move. Now situated, it will be incorporated into the two-building, 155-unit Taylor Yard Transit Village development.
· Historic Dayton Avenue Signal Tower Relocated as Work Begins on the Taylor Yard Development [A&P]