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Harwell Hamilton Harris's Pumphrey House in SaMo Canyon

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Now classing up the market: Harwell Hamilton Harris's Pumphrey House in Pacific Palisades. Designed in 1939 for drama critic Byron Pumphrey, the Frank Lloyd Wrightian residence went through a rough patch, falling into foreclosure in 1994, before undergoing a restoration overseen by architect Michael Folonis. Located in an architecturally blessed pocket of Santa Monica Canyon--the Cedric Gibbons-Dolores del Rio estate and the John Entenza House, also designed by Harris, are nearby--the 1,680-square-foot house features three bedrooms, three baths, a solarium dining/family room, hardwood floors, two fireplaces, French doors, mature trees, garden, and sun deck. Asking price is $2.095 million.
· The Pumphrey House :: Harwell Hamilton Harris, FAIA [deasy/penner]