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Brace: Whole Foods is Moving Into Silver Lake Ralphs Space

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It has arrived: Silver Lake's gentrification singularity. Whole Foods is moving into the Ralphs site at Glendale near Fletcher (in not the prettiest section of SL). There's been renovation/redevelopment gossip swirling around the site for a while now--Ralphs claimed it was just updating its store as several of the smaller businesses on site have closed (the landlord hasn't been renewing leases). Now Eastsider LA passes on a tweet from real estate agent Rob Kallick passing on a rumor about the Whole Foods deal; the grocer confirms "At this time, we can confirm there is a commitment to occupy the 2520 Glendale Blvd location. However, timing and other exciting details about the store are not currently available." A prank about WF moving into the dead Circuit City at Sunset and Fountain drove everyone bananas in September 2011 (that site is becoming offices for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles).
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