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Struggling Ontario Unimpressed With LA's Efforts to Help

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Officials in the Inland Empire threatened to sue Los Angeles a few weeks back in an attempt to wrest away control of the beleaguered LA/Ontario International Airport (which is run by LA-based Los Angeles World Airports; LAWA also controls LAX and Van Nuys). In response, LA airport commissioners voted yesterday to toss a little marketing help Ontario's away so the airport can get back on its feet following years of falling passenger traffic. The proposals would:

-- Reimburse airlines for half of their marketing expenses to promote new or existing Ontario flights.
-- Lower terminal rents (Ontario is one of the most expensive mid-sized airports in the country for airlines).
-- Reduce costs by outsourcing some maintenance services.

Which is probably all very lovely, but the IE sounds far from placated. A lawyer for the city of Ontario called the proposals "superficial measures designed for their perceived public relations impact and defense of the Ontario claim," according to the LA Times. Traffic at Ontario's airport has dropped 40 percent since 2007 and is expected to fall even lower this year. LAWA contends the drop is due to the recession, and says it's already lowered fees to try to lure airlines back.
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