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Metro Windfall Won't Help Crenshaw Line's Leimert Park Stop

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The same day that Metro delayed making a decision on whether the Crenshaw Line would include a Leimert Park Village station, it got news that it received $390 million from the state to improve public transit and air quality. The majority of that money will go to the Regional Connector tunnel in DTLA that'll connect three light rail lines, but $61 million was earmarked for the Crenshaw Line (the other funds will go toward buying light rail train cars and repairing buses). So, how about using that chunk to help build the underground Leimert Park station, which should cost about $131 million? Uh, no. "[T]hese state monies were already committed for the original life of project budget," Metro's Jose Ubaldo tells Curbed. So, the waiting game continues.
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