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An Interior Design Tour Through LA's Weirdo Pot Shops

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Someone at Vice got the tough job of analyzing the varied interiors of LA's marijuana dispensaries. With state supreme court cases going the wrong way (municipalities can now zone pot shops away), an always-shifting regulatory framework, and lenders suing pot shop owners for breach of contract, it's a wonder they find the time and energy to decorate. Sure, some shops think bad lighting and bulletproof glass is design scheme enough, but some purveyors of herbal medicine clearly believe dispensaries should provide a treat for all the senses. A sampling of delights:

-- LA Confidential on Melrose decorates exclusively via Cragislist, and fastidiously reupholsters with duct tape every six months. The "charming hash bar" also has a piano and jazz on Sundays.
-- The East Hollywood home of Dr. 420 is the "Versailles of Los Angeles marijuana clinics," and will almost certainly be reinvented as a gilded mirror emporium if they ever get raided.
-- You'll never guess what Club Meds took as its design inspiration. Club Med! Get it?
-- Exposed brick and "exposed brick" (of the painted-on variety) are not equally successful design choices.