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New Beach Access App Going to Drive Rich Malibuites Crazy

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If you don't know, now you know: all California beaches are in some part public (at the very least below the mean high tide line, aka the wet sand). But the rich homeowners along the Malibu coast are always busy finding ways to close off or confuse access to keep the masses from sunning in front of their houses. Now beach access/LA River expert Jenny Price has developed an app (with Escape Apps) that explains access to every single piece of public Malibu sand. Our Malibu Beaches "shows you exactly where each public access point is. It helps you park. It even walks you down each beach – house-by-house – to find the best spot for your towel on the dry sand," according to a Kickstarter that'll help make the app totally free on iPhones and Androids all summer long (if they make extra money, they might even make a website version).

Let's preview a few fun facts and tips from the app:
-- The city recommends one public access point every 1,000 feet, for a total of about 105. There are currently 17.
-- There have been 29 vertical easements to the beach set aside since 1973; only nine have actually opened to the public. Various lawsuits have delayed the other 20 from opening.
-- "[O]ne of Malibu's best beach walks is along Escondido Beach--you can take it all the way to Paradise Cove.
-- There are five public access gates on Malibu Road.
-- Oddly enough, the beach along the gated Malibu Colony is "one of the friendliest ... with almost no mean signs."
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