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Why is the Disney Streetcar So Pricey? Mickey Demands It

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So, why does Anaheim's proposed 3.2-mile streetcar--which will connect a Metrolink/Amtrak station with Disneyland and the convention center--cost $319 million? The answer to that question, according to the OC Register, is that Disney is behind much of it. Overhead wires will be buried for part of the line because of aesthetic concerns, while more cars must be purchased (compared to Santa Ana's streetcar line) to handle tourist loads. Also, the track for the Anaheim streetcar needs to be reinforced with concrete, as opposed to asphalt, to handle the weight of the tourists and locals that will pack the line. The Disney link-up, though, will have exclusive right-of-way--not mixing with vehicular traffic--for much of the route, adding to the pricetag. Oh, and high station costs are also contributing to price.
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