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Red Line Above-Grounded in DTLA, Expo Line Construction Art

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DOWNTOWN: Will Campbell (via Franklin Avenue) has spotted a little advertising magic/train-lovers' catnip in a University of Phoenix ad: "In it, the real-life fully underground Red Line train is seen magically elevated and traveling westbound over Flower Street at 4th. That's the Bonaventure Hotel just beyond the train on the right side of the frame." Of course the train also pulls into the middle of some kind of financial center (and appears in an ad touting the benefits of a for-profit university), so it's obviously not terribly reality-based to begin with. See the whole add over at FA. [Franklin Avenue]

SANTA MONICA: Bettina Hubby, the Silver Lake artist who threw a party at the never-ending LADWP construction site on Rowena Avenue, has taken her good attitude to Santa Monica, where she's dressing up the Expo Line station construction at Olympic and Twenty-Sixth Street (with the help of the nearby Santa Monica Museum of Art; this is also right near the Bergamot Station Art Center). Dig the Dig includes orange safety cones modified to hold weekly flower deliveries, "large-scale, manipulated photographs of the Olympic/26th Street site on large banners along the construction fencing," and, on July 21, "a candle-lit and disco-ball activated Dig the Dig Dinner, which will bring together construction workers, local business owners, and neighbors for a festive meal, music, and performances by local artists." Herb Alpert also put up some art in the area recently. [Curbed Inbox]