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Buy in Cecil B. DeMille's Historic El Cabrillo Courtyard Complex

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Hollywood's El Cabrillo courtyard complex has both architectural and Old Hollywood cred: it was designed by courtyard masters Arthur and Nina Zwebell for Cecil B. DeMille, who built it to house Broadway stage actors moving to Los Angeles to work in sound films. A few years back, the 1928 building (which is on the National Register of Historic Places) was restored by designer Xorin Balbes and converted to condos; this specimen sold back in 2009 for $420,000 and has now returned to the market--it has one bedroom and one bathroom on two floors, beamed ceilings, a fireplace, coved doorways, hardwood floors, a patio, and laundry. Asking price is $389,000 with monthly HOA dues of $345.
· 1834 GRACE AVE [Partners Trust]
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