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Here's the Hollywood Bowl's Curvy New Wine Bar Building

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The Hollywood Bowl's been sprucing up lately--it got some new bathrooms and now it's getting a new building that'll house a wine bar and restaurant. The Callas Architects-designed project, under-construction now, will be "adjacent to the existing marketplace on the east side of the property," according to Los Angeles, and should be finished by the first concert of the season on June 22. It'll have "circular 'cloud-like' canopies that match the curvy lines of the Hollywood Bowl, smooth troweled white plaster walls, charcoal grey carpeting, modern furnishings, and downstairs storage for up to 32 kegs." Patina Group (Patina, Ray's and Stark Bar, Nick + Stef's) will run the place.

· Exclusive: Hollywood Bowl to Debut A New Wine Bar This Summer [Los Angeles]