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Car Totals Miracle Mile Sign, Fancy Bev Hills Hotel Gets Bikes

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MIRACLE MILE: Yikes: something very nasty went down today between a car and the Miracle Mile sign at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue. The sign at Wilshire and La Brea, incidentally, was destroyed by a car back in 2007 and, according to LA expert Chris Nichols, "hung in the trees and debris for a while and was finally hauled away and put out of it's misery." There have streamline moderne signs on the stretch since the 1930s. [Park La Brea News]

BEVERLY HILLS: The bikeification of LA is catching serious momentum if fancy extended-stay hotel AKA Beverly Hills is getting in on it--they're now providing complimentary, custom (natch) Republic Bikes to guests. [Curbed Inbox]

AKA Beverly Hills

155 N. Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills, CA