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Curbed Goes Inside the Chinese, Urban Outfitters to DTLA

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[Curbed visits the Sheats-Goldstein House. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: Retailer Urban Outfitters confirmed it is bringing its brand of urban gentrification to Downtown's Rialto Theatre. And here are some photos of what the Rialto looked like in the olden days and post-gutting for a seismic retrofit. Kneel before Zumthor! Swiss architect Peter Zumthor is promising to destroy the LACMA campus and turn it into a shiny new thing that future generations will probably hate. The Wyvernwood project in Boyle Heights continues to stir the passions of community members and preservationists opposed to the redevelopment of the 1930's housing project. Curbed goes inside Hollywood's Chinese Theater prior to a planned renovation to add a ginormous IMAX screen. Meanwhile, in cartographic news, we put together a map showing you where ten iconic homes and buildings are located that are currently under consideration for historical designation. Draft plans to bring Downtown's Union Station into the 21st Century have been released -- hello open space and high speed rail.