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Lloyd Wright's Restored Gainsburg House Hits the Market

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Well looky here, Lloyd Wright's Gainsburg House in La Cañada is on the market for the first time in more than a decade. Built in 1948 and recently restored and updated by architect Richard Corsini, this angular house with "a geometric floor plan and sloping, angular roofline" has four bedrooms, three and a quarter baths in 3,200 square feet. When the house was featured in the LA Times in 2001, the write-up mentioned "Asian design touches as Shoji doors to separate the living and dining rooms and hand-painted screens to partition areas in the kitchen," which we aren't seeing in the reno, but the large cement block fireplace is there, along with lots of lovely built-ins. The kitchen's all new, and outside is a reflecting pool and mature landscaping that's been featured on garden tours for nearly a decade. Sited on a 0.68-acre lot, the house is on the market for $2.225 million.
· 1210 Journey's End Drive [deasy/penner]