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Watch a History of Downtown LA's Lost and Found Funiculars

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LA may just be the Tiny Railway Capital of the World and KCET, with LA as Subject, looks at its earliest forays into miniature public transit: incline railways. In the late 1800s, the Second Street Railway was "the steepest cable car railway stretch in North America," but it ultimately folded and was replaced with the funiculars of the early 1900s. Angels Flight hooked up Downtown with the fancifying Bunker Hill of 1901 (it originally included a 100-foot observation tower); Court Flight linked the Civic Center with the residences above starting in 1905. Court burned down and, except for the moved-and-restored Angels Flight, pretty much all of the little funiculars of LA are now gone, "their remains rusting on hillsides or long ago sold for scrap." Remember them all in part one of the series below.

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