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Marry a Millionaire After Living Rent-Free in This Dungeon

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You know those skeezy Craigslist adds that offer free rent in exchange for light housework, sensual massage, and meal preparation? LAist took a closer look at a recent example posted by a couple looking for a "live in personal assistant" to work 14 hours per week in exchange for free rent. Much like a normal ad, the couple touted the great walkable West Hollywood location and amenities, like "Our last live-in personal asst of 4yrs just got married to 1 of our millionaire friends." Neither car nor passport required! Most people probably have a pretty good idea who posts such ads, and you'll all be relieved to know that the couple behind this particular one aren't actually serial killers (or don't appear to be, anyway). So who are they? Meet "Asian Goddess M & Master Enzo," who pay the rent offering "FREAKY FUN SENSUAL ADVENTURES" for $300 an hour. If you're detail-oriented, unemployed, and open-minded, well, too bad--the ad's been removed. But we're sure something equally hairy will be along soon.
· Free Rent In A Sex Dungeon For One Lucky L.A. Renter [LAist]