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6 Relics From a Mid-Century Woodland Hills Fallout Shelter

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Earlier this month KPCC shared photos from a perfectly preserved and fully stocked fallout shelter that a Woodland Hills couple found in the backyard of their new home. Full of goodies like "multipurpose food," sleeping pills, a Relax-brand bedpan, and a 30 year calendar, the underground structure was designed to protect a family during the worst of the fallout when someone inevitably dropped a nuclear bomb on the Valley. It turns out the structure was built in the 1960s by the nuclear engineer who lived in the house--his neighbors having previously rejected his offer to build a shelter large enough for the whole neighborhood. The engineer's daughter recently sold the house, and while she left much of the shelter intact, she did take a few mementos with her. If you want the photos, KPCC's Off-Ramp blog has got them.
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