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Curbed Seeks Your Expertise on Los Angeles Hotels

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Attention, Curbed readers! Later this summer, all of the Curbed sites will be exploring the wonderful world of hotels for a special theme week. As we prepare, we need your help. Seen a jaw-dropping hotel penthouse? Have a favorite hotel lobby or boutique hotel? Are there particular hotels you always recommend to friends and family visiting from out of town? Please put them on our radar!

We also want to know about hotels that stand out--which have the most bananas amenities, the douchiest pool parties, the gyms you actually want to work out in, or the concierges who are so knowledgeable you wish you could hire them as your personal assistant? Where did the craziest shit go down? (How many rooms has Lindsay trashed anyway?) And any other hotel-related tips and requests are, of course, welcomed to the Curbed tipline or in the comments of this post. Tipsters will receive our eternal gratitude, and stay tuned for Hotels Week 2013.