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Is Echo Park's Barlow Respiratory Hospital Developer Real?

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The looooong-planned redevelopment of Echo Park's Barlow Respiratory Hospital is getting pretty weird--hospital Chief Exec Margaret Crane told the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council that she's lined up a developer to build 600 residential units near Elysian Park, but she won't say who it is. And at least one activist thinks the developer doesn't exist. According to Eastsider LA, the Neighborhood Council was debating asking the city to dismiss the stalled Barlow development's environmental impact report--submitted back in 2009--when Crane said the project was moving forward and that the hospital had an exclusive agreement with a developer. But one attendee told the site that she thinks Crane was just "trying to buy time for the project." The hospital is looking for zoning changes that would allow it to sell 19 of its 25 acres to a developer who could then build hundreds of units there. It would then use the money raised to build a new up-to-code facility on the remaining land. There's been lots of resistance to the plan in the neighborhood, including from one woman who's threatened to chain herself to the site if construction begins; she was just elected to the NC board.
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