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Stay in a "Cocoon" at This Bizarro Boyle Heights Hostel For $19

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Thanks to Eastsider LA for turning up one of the odder tourist accommodations in LA: MoonPad. Run out of a Boyle Heights Victorian near the Mariachi Plaza Gold Line station, this hostel rents space (one bunkbed at a time) out of its seven bedrooms for about $19 a night. It also has a truly wacky Facebook page that says things like "MoonPad was created to promote the important message of communal living on the Moon and intergalactic space travel," and "I know we can create Heave on Earth here on our planet; However, President Barak Obama recently repealed the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy which just shows the immaturity of our society currently." They also call their beds "cocoons" and say that the "cocoon is where the caterpillar becomes a Butterfly!" Which is just creepy. Would it surprise you to learn that the reviews this place gets are not entirely favorable? Didn't think so.

A selection from Hostelworld and

-- "It is clear that the owner and staff have never traveled! They do not know how to run a business!"
-- "I liked this place. It's fairly new and the staff are all obviously keen to make it work. However I overheard a lot of staff talk about plans for the hostel: there was lots of talk about 'vision' and 'concept' and rather less attention paid to just making things work properly."
-- "Our accommodation was a thin foam mattress on the floor of an over-crowded room. I have no idea how you think that this is acceptable accommodation or how you even manage to stay open."
-- "When I arrived the second time there was lots of people staying my bed had no sheets and was a blow up mattress on a bunk bed that doesn't work to well!! When I got up to leave in the morning there was water coming through the ceiling!!"
-- "Terrible hostel which we left within half an hour of arriving. They not only failed to pick us up from the Greyhound station as promised, but had overbooked so badly that 9 of us were waiting for beds which they did not have despite all having bookings. Airheads were mentioned but never appeared. Staff were drunk (potentially on drugs.), unapologetic and utterly useless. Some of the other guests were were definitely on drugs and quite scary."
-- "People sleep on air matresses on the floor and in the closet ... One of the nights the staff were drunk, they were arguing till 01.00 am. Next day both the police, parametic and firetruck showed up at our hostel. The staff were helpful when they were sober, though."
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