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Huntington Library Getting New Gardeny Visitors Center

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Have you longed to be "immersed in an interactive museum experience" the minute you step out of your car or lock up your bike at the Huntington Library? Then you're in luck! Because the museum has started work on its new education and visitors center designed to do just that, replacing the old gateway built in 1980. Randy Shulman, the Huntington's VP for advancement, tells the Daily News that the new complex "is not just a new entrance building but a gateway into ... a proper understanding what happens inside the library, a glimpse behind the scenes." Designed by Stephen J. Farneth and James McLane of Architectural Resources Group, and landscape architect Cheryl Barton, the project will include a new center featuring a lecture hall, function room, a much larger museum store, coffee shop, a glass-domed garden court, and a lot of plants. "The beauty of this project is that it's a group of gardens with buildings in it," said Shulman. Those stucco buildings with red tile roofs will be linked by a series of loggias when the project is completed in 2015. The museum and grounds are expected to be open as usual during construction.

· Work starts on the Huntington Library's new $60-million education and visitor center [DN]