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Mid-Century Venice Flip Hits Market With Hefty Price Jump

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When this cozy Venice bungalow near the Marina sold last year it was all beige stucco and cream carpet and not much to get excited about. But in the intervening months the 1,000-square-foot house, with two little bedrooms, got the full mid-century beauty makeover (thanks flippers!) and is back on the market asking $515,000 more than it last sold for ($585,000 last fall). To get to their new $1.1 million pricetag, the rehabbers added a bathroom and hit all the highlights--wood floors, exposed vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass, "industrial" galley kitchen, open shelving, and a heck of a lot of subway tile in the new bathroom. There are small yards front and back and additional living space with a separate entrance in the garage. All in all, perfect for the beach-loving, no-possession-having neatfreak who wants a cute house in Venice. Or, as the listing calls them, "hip, creative types."
· 671 Oxford Avenue [Redfin]