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Frank Gehry's Broad Beach Borman Residence Asking $57.5MM

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Holy Broad, even for one of the fanciest beaches in Malibu, this is something: the Frank Gehry-designed Borman Residence has just hit the market asking $57.5 million. Sharp intake of breath. Malibu broker/blogger Michael Gardner writes that it'll "top all record prices on Broad Beach if it closes." The house was built in 1989 for Burton Borman, the former head of insurance company PennCorp Financial and later of Todd Shipyards; he died last year, according to an obit in the Malibu Times. It comes with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms in 11,413 square feet; a lighted tennis court and lap pool; outdoor area with spa, fireplace, and kitchen; and, most incredibly, 1.46 acres with 160 feet of beach frontage. That is a very long stretch of very hard to come by sand (and getting scarcer).

· 31250 BROAD BEACH Rd [Redfin]