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Rich Malibuites Nervous About Malibu Beach Access App

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All California beaches are at least partially public, but rich Malibuites have made a quest of keeping the plebs off the sand there, putting up fake "no parking" signs and hiring security guards. In response, beach access expert Jenny Price has developed an app called Our Malibu Beaches that'll show anyone how to park at and visit the purposely confusing beaches of Malibu (it's in the final hours of a Kickstarter that'd make it available free on iPhone and Android devices). How do those outsider-fearing Malibuites feel about it? Pretty nervous! Malibu Mayor Jefferson Wagner tells the LA Times's Steve Lopez that he "attended a celebrity-infused Memorial Day party on Billionaire's [Carbon] Beach and, according to him, all the buzz" was about the app. "People didn't say they were opposed to public access, said Wagner. But they had issues. 'The major complaint was, "With beach access comes beach responsibility,"' said Wagner. 'Responsibility for the feces on the beach, dogs off leashes and litter.'"

They're also worried about parking, which is not helped by tricks like David Geffen's--after famously battling to keep the public off the Carbon Beach stretch by his home in the early aughts, he's now created fake driveways in front of his house on PCH to prevent people from parking there. Price says those are legitimate concerns, but the solution isn't to keep outsiders out, it's "to get the city of Malibu and other public agencies to provide more parking, restrooms, trash bins and patrols, if not lifeguards." She also says she thinks the app's biggest beneficiaries will be Malibuites who don't live by the water.
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