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All the Plans For Broadway's 4 Gamechanging Theater Rehabs

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Long-languishing Broadway is absolutely on fire lately, with the imminent arrivals of big chains like Urban Outfitters, boutique hotels like the Ace, and someday a streetar. Now it could be about to get a more immediate jolt of life with the rehab and reactivation of the Tower, Palace, Los Angeles, and State Theatres--the theaters are currently only used sporadically for events; this would make them full-time venues, meaning Broadway could become a regular nightlife destination. Owners the Delijani family head to a zoning administrator hearing next week to seek permits; they're presenting the plans as a single "theater complex." According to the Downtown News, " Plans for the theaters include creating a nightclub, several restaurants, bars and lounges ? each venue would maintain its stage and main auditorium for live shows, films and other productions. Some would have DJs and live music. There would also be street level as well as rooftop patios." Here's a breakdown by theater:

State: Two bars and a restaurant/lounge in the basement (a church still has a lease on the ground floor).
Palace: Groundfloor bar and street-level/basement restaurant with outdoor patios.
Tower: A 1,349-square-foot bar on Eighth Street with "an outdoor patio covered by a glass façade."
Los Angeles: Two bars and two restaurants, all with outdoor patios, plus a second-floor nightclub "with bottle service" (with an entryway on the much-disputed St. Vincent Court).

Intriguingly, the applications ask for 24-hour operations, but a rep says that's just for filming. So far there's no timeline on the project. Renovation work will have to be approved by the city's Cultural Heritage Commission, since the theaters are landmarked.
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