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Victory Lodge, featuring Taxidermy & Private Casino

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Welcome back summer weather! It's another season of Weekend Getaways, where we look at homes within driving distance (or maybe a little further) of Los Angeles that are on the market.

Location: 333 Leonard Drive, June Lake
Price: $14,900,000
Size: 16,500 sq. ft.

Named the "Crown Jewel of the Sierra Nevadas" by the home builder, realtor, or folksy locals, Victory Lodge is yours for the taking. Just find a bunch of friends to go in on it or ask your parents for a loan. The nine bed, nine and one-half bath home, built in 2006, is set just off of Gull Lake with views of the mountains and numerous animals waiting to have their heads placed on your walls. The home features its own casino, in addition to a gentleman's game room, and a gym with steam and dry saunas. The estate also features a separate one bedroom caretakers quarters. Be victorious in life and buy Victory Lodge.
· Mammoth & June Lake's Most Exclusive Private Residence Victory Lodge -Trophy Estate [Sotheby's]