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Flippers Better Shelter Add a Pool to 1960 Glassell Park Ranch

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The latest effort from hipster flip shop Better Shelter is a three-bedroom ranch on half an acre in Glassell Park. The 1600-square-foot house was built in 1960 and has an open living space, nice high ceilings, new fixtures and fittings, a stone fireplace, and they've added a pool that seems to take up most of the backyard. It also has the second gray stucco exterior we've seen from them recently. What's up with that? Though the pre-flip listing calls the house a fixer, the old pics aren't a complete disaster. Still, it's definitely been scrubbed up, and that plus the new pool gets us to an asking price of $799,000, a $300k jump on what BS picked it up for in November.
· 2000 Panamint Drive [Official Site]