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Lot Next to Vibiana About to Sell With Some Insurance Against Stupid Development

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Old Bank District developer Tom Gilmore is in advanced talks to sell a surface parking lot next to Vibiana, the 1876 church-turned-private events venue, to another developer, the Downtown News reports. It's not quite a usual sale, though, as Gilmore is seeking city approval to ensure whatever is built on the parking lot is a "unified development" that meshes well with the historic church, which is prepping for construction on a permanent groundfloor restaurant. "It just means that we'll have input [on the design of a future project] and that's really all we want," Gilmore says. "It's protecting us from anybody who would do something inexcusably stupid." The lot is entitled for a residential tower up to 41 stories; as Gilmore likely realizes, a skyscraper would not necessarily complement the mid-rise nature of Vibiana and the Civic Center. The city will consider his entitlement change at a June 5 hearing.
· Gilmore Planning to Sell Lot at Vibiana as Restaurant Advances [DN]