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Inside the Renovated 1922 Harvey Mudd Estate, Asking $23MM

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Last week came word that Benedict Canyon's fancy old Harvey Mudd estate was about to hit the market asking a pretty stunning $22.995 million--it last sold in 2010 for $6.25 million (and was foreclosed on before that). Now here it is in its fully-photographed glory. The house was built for glass manufacturer Charles Boldt in 1922 and designed by Beverly Hills Hotel architect Elmer Grey. In 1925, philanthropist/mining magnate Harvey Mudd moved in and the place got its name (it's also been owned by a Rothschild and Martin Landau). Developer Brendan Deschamps has spent the past few years renovating and expanding the estate--according to the listing, it's now 10,993 square feet with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an observatory, a library, a dining room, sun room, breakfast room, "unique stone walled game" room, media room, wine cellar and tasting room, guesthouse, swimming pool with waterfall, and, of course, an aviary.
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