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One Less Bar in Updated Plans For Silver Lake's Church Hotel

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Last time we checked on the proposed conversion of Silver Lake's empty Pilgrim Church into a 25-room boutique hotel plus restaurant and "Choir Lounge," neighbors were concerned about the hotel's multiple bar areas. A couple neighborhood council meetings later, Manny Diaz, a consultant working on the permitting process for the project, tells us things are now moving along and that, though reservations remain about the bars (and, what else, parking), locals "seemed to respond positively to the changes that we made to the project's scope." They've made it so the rooftop pool and patio area will only be open to hotel guests and have removed the planned bar there (pdf). To deal with the feared parking problem, they plan to provide all employees with free metro passes, make a carshare service available to hotel guests, offer free valet parking, and ensure 65 offsite parking spaces.
· 1629 Griffith Park [Official Site]
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Pilgrim Church

1629 Griffith Park Blvd., Los Angeles, CA