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WeHo's Movietown Plaza Finally Starting Work This Year

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A West Hollywood staffer tells us that the stalled-then-sold-then-revived mixed-use Movietown Plaza project has gotten all its approvals, and that the city is just waiting on building permit applications. A call to developer Avalon Bay Communities confirms it: Vice President for Development Mark Janda says they are finishing the final designs and will break ground before the end of the year. Downsized a bit from original developer Casden Properties's plan, Avalon Bay is planning to build a maximum 371 apartments (with 77 affordable units set aside for seniors) in a series of buildings, the tallest of which will be seven stories. The development will also have about 26,000 square feet of retail space. But in addition to being the site of a stalled development, Movietown is also home to the only Trader Joe's in the city with a halfway decent parking lot. Janda tells us TJ's will pack it in this fall, and there's no word on whether they'll move back once the project is done.
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Movietown Plaza

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